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2023 BITCI Event & Webinar Recordings

Member Webinars - Feb 16, 2024

All of Business in the Community Ireland’s 2023 Event & Webinar Recordings are available to watch back here .

Knowledge Session #5 – Elevate Pledge

Member Webinars - Sep 20, 2022

During this Knowledge Session, we focused on practical ways to enhance a culture of diversity and inclusion through partnering with schools in local communities. We heard from BITCI Members who have been strategically supporting educational inclusion and growing their involvement year on year. They outlined why they partner with DEIS schools and the benefits they

elevate pledge

Webinar: Elevate Pledge report launch

Webinars - May 15, 2022

In 2021 we launched the Elevate Pledge to support companies to build more inclusive workforces. One year on, over 50 companies have signed up and are on the journey to a more inclusive future. At this event, we heard about some of the key challenges to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as

sustainable procurement

Knowledge Session #3 Sustainable procurement

Member Webinars - Apr 28, 2022

Our third Knowledge Session of the year focused on Sustainable Procurement. Sustainable Procurement is an approach to purchasing products and services that considers the economic, environmental, and social impacts of an organisation’s buying choices at all times. During this Knowledge Session, we heard how these topics should be incorporated into your procurement strategies, ensuring that


BITCI Mentoring Celebration

Member Webinars - Apr 07, 2022

Our virtual Mentoring Celebration celebrated all mentors and mentees from the companies and schools who are concluding their programme this year. Our guest of honour at this unique and enjoyable annual event was Minister for Education, Norma Foley, T.D. The mentoring programme has helped provide students with a positive role model from the world of

Members’ Network Meeting

Member Webinars - Mar 24, 2022

Our first Members’ Network meeting of 2022: As part of this private, interactive session we shared examples of members integrating sustainability into their business and facilitated a discussion on how that integration might be increased across the network and within companies. We also provided an update on the latest version of the Business Working Responsibly

elevate pledge

Knowledge Session #2 – Elevate Pledge

Member Webinars - Mar 11, 2022

Elevate Pledge Knowledge Session on ‘Supported Employment’ This workshop focused on how working with an employment support organisation can enhance an Employer’s opportunities to recruit and retain diverse jobseekers. Delegates gained an understanding into the wide range of jobseekers that engage with employment support organisations, their strengths and the challenges they can face. The workshop


Embedding Sustainability in your Business – Business Working Responsibly Mark Announcement

Webinars - Feb 17, 2022

At this event, we announced the companies to be recertified to the Mark and welcomed the new companies who have achieved it. Our CEO, Tomás Sercovich, outlined emerging trends in the post-pandemic corporate landscape, including impacts of the Climate Crisis, Covid-19, and upcoming Irish & European legislation. We heard from three industry experts, who outlined how the Mark has

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #3 -'Carbon Neutrality vs Net Zero'

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #1

Member Webinars - Feb 10, 2022

At this knowledge session, we dived into the target setting process and the all-new SBTi Net Zero Standard. Last year, the SBTi updated their science-based target criteria, which becomes effective from July 2022. Key changes include increasing the level of ambition from well-below 2°C to 1.5°C, in order to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C

Recording: Annual Members’ Network Meeting

Member Webinars - Dec 13, 2021

The year end Annual Members’ Network Meeting took place on Thursday, 9th December. During the private interactive session, we shared the impacts of our members’ work across the network during 2021, reflected on the sustainability priorities for 2022, and looked at how to maintain momentum on the sustainability challenges facing us.

Low Carbon

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #4

Member Webinars - Dec 13, 2021

The final Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session of 2021 looked at ‘Nature Based Solutions’. There is a plethora of evidence to show that biodiversity loss and environmental degradation are both accelerated by climate change and exacerbate its impacts. On the other hand, nature based solutions can help absorb carbon and adapt to the impacts of

Revolution in action

Day 3 : The Sustainability Revolution: Revolutionary Conversations

Webinars - Oct 07, 2021

Are we having revolutionary conversations? The final webinar in our series examined the media’s role in sustainability and how in every important conversation there has to be a ‘sustainability moment’. We heard from Jon Williams, Managing Director of News & Current Affairs, RTÉ, and learned about the importance of the media reporting on defining climate

Revolution in action

Day 2: The Sustainability Revolution: Revolution in Action

Webinars - Oct 06, 2021

On the second day of the series, we explored the ‘Revolution in Action’. We were joined by Cathriona Fitzsimons, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility, PM Group and Sinéad Smith, Head of Responsible Business Dublin, A&L Goodbody. We examined areas such as the changing landscape of sustainability, and how business can adapt, evolve and change to

Revolution in action

Day 1 of the The Sustainability Revolution: Revolutionary Leadership

Webinars - Oct 06, 2021

During this session, we looked at the revolutionary leadership needed to drive radical change. We heard about the need for a greater collective voice among the business community to tackle systemic challenges in areas of sustainability and inclusivity. We examined questions such as, ‘Is the pace of change for business and the entire eco-system fast

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #3 -'Carbon Neutrality vs Net Zero'

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #3 -‘Carbon Neutrality vs Net Zero’

Member Webinars - Sep 30, 2021

The topic of this Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session is navigating the terminology around net zero, carbon neutral, carbon negative/positive etc. Many sustainability practitioners are getting bogged down by the meanings behind low carbon terminology. Other companies are setting targets using the terminology but don’t fully understand what it entails or believe they can ‘offset’

Low Carbon Pledge

Low Carbon Pledge Annual Report

Webinars - Jul 08, 2021

PwC and Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) launched the 3rd Edition of the Low Carbon Pledge Annual Report; ‘Business Working Together for a Low Carbon Future’ on Thursday, 10th June. In March, BITCI changed the ambition of the Low Carbon Pledge, which now asks all its signatories to align their carbon reduction targets to

Inclusive workplace

Launch of Elevate the Inclusive Workplace Pledge

Newsroom | Webinars - May 20, 2021

Today, investors, consumers, employees, and civil society all pay attention to how businesses respond to the diversity, equality and inclusion challenges we face. Companies are expected to act beyond compliance and to take a real stand on inclusion. Through our successful Low Carbon Pledge, we have seen the power of the collective business response in

Low carbon pledge

Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session #2

Member Webinars - May 20, 2021

During this session we heard from two of our member companies who are at very different stages of developing their Climate Action Roadmaps, as well as facing very different challenges in their journey to decarbonise their operations.   The Low Carbon Pledge has had a great year so far. Having over 60 Signatory Members, we

The Path to COP26

Webinar: The Path to COP26

Webinars - Apr 22, 2021

The Path to COP26: As many countries look to rebuild their economies in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a major emphasis on ‘building back better’ through a green recovery, and COP26 will be the first time nations come together to discuss the commitments they made in the Paris Agreement in 2015. This

Sustainability Insights

Sustainability Insights, Session #1

Member Webinars - Apr 15, 2021

Sustainability Insights This webinar focused on ESG trends for this decade. The objective of the session was to discuss the rise of ESG and draw conclusions from a selection of recently published reports. Some of the questions we discussed: What is going on with ESG and is there consensus on trends? What is the difference

Low Carbon Pledge

The launch of our new ambitious Low Carbon Pledge

Webinars - Mar 24, 2021

Today we launched our new ambitious Low Carbon Pledge and unveiled Ireland’s top companies who have signed up. Originally launched in 2018, the Pledge has now evolved and calls on all Irish businesses to work towards setting science-based emission reduction targets (i.e. what science says is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C) by 2024 at the latest.

Business Working Responsibly Mark

An overview of the new process for the Mark

Member Webinars - Mar 18, 2021

The Business Working Responsibly mark is the leading standard for CSR and Sustainability.

Social inclusion

Our first Social Inclusion Knowledge Session of 2021

Member Webinars - Mar 16, 2021

This webinar introduced our vision for collective action. We explored the rationale behind our new Diversity & Inclusion Commitment, the business case for signing up and we provided detail on the ask of members. Participants also discussed the opportunities and challenges this commitment may present for their organisation.

non-financial reporting

EU Trends on Sustainability from our CEO Tomás Sercovich

Webinars - Mar 04, 2021

Watch our CEO Tomás Sercovich discuss upcoming EU legislation on non-financial reporting, investors and ESG, the role of boards and more in our new BITCI Sustainable Business Insights series.


Our first Members’ Network Meeting of 2021

Member Webinars - Feb 25, 2021

The business case and the strategic drivers for Sustainability are established for business. Yet given the climate crisis and the many worrying social trends, the adoption of sustainable business models and operations is still happening far too slowly. Business opportunities are being missed and business risks are building up. At this network meeting, we focused

Low Carbon

Watch: Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session ‘Scope 3: What does good look like’

Member Webinars - Feb 18, 2021

The 1st Low Carbon Pledge Knowledge Session of 2021: ‘Scope 3: What does good look like’. Business in the Community’s Low Carbon Pledge has taken a significant step-up in ambition, asking BITCI member companies to commit to setting Science-Based Targets by 2024. Knowledge and understanding is key in allowing business to make more informed decisions

Sustainability Trends 2021

Webinars - Jan 29, 2021

Sustainability and business trends 2021 Webinar Renowned sustainability expert Mike Barry joined us to predict key trends for 2021 and beyond. Mike is a leader in sustainable change. One of the pioneers of green business in the corporate world, he helped to develop, launch and implement Marks & Spencer’s ground-breaking sustainability programme, Plan A (because

In Conversation with Paul Polman, Caroline Casey and Anne O’Leary

Webinars - Jan 29, 2021

Paul Polman has been described by the Financial Times as “a standout CEO of the past decade” and he is a leading proponent that business should be a force for good,.  Humanity and our planet are facing historic challenges and CEOs around the world recognise it. In an exclusive interview with our CEO, Tomás Sercovich, Paul

Webinar: sustainability

How can business support education in a time of crisis?

Member Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

This webinar examined the very real need to support our young and vulnerable students, as well as outlining exciting volunteer opportunities for employees of our member companies.  

Webinar: sustainability

Sustainability and the Role of the Board

Member Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Webinar, Sustainability and the Role of the Board: This webinar in partnership with the Institute of Directors in Ireland and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development discussed key issues on the role of Boards and sustainability. It examined the following questions: What are the main challenges that boards will face on the ESG agenda? The evolving landscape on transparency and disclosure – from

Webinar: sustainability

What is the role of business in a post Covid 19 Ireland?

Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Rebuilding Ireland with Purpose: This webinar discusses the role of business in a post Covid 19 Ireland and how business impacts on society and the environment. It discusses the importance of CSR and sustainability, ESG and how diversity and inclusion and transition to the low carbon economy are essential for Irish businesses to be profitable.

Shaping the future of work

Sustainable Employment, shaping the Future of Work

Member Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Sustainable Employment: The Leaders’ Group on Sustainability’s Worker of the Future subgroup hosted a webinar addressing people perspectives on the transition to the “Next Normal”. The group shared perspective on the areas of Culture, Skills, Inclusion and Wellbeing and provided examples of emerging best practice from a variety of sectors.   Download our new publication:

sustainability and governance - woman standing in a boardroom

How your organisation can improve through top class governance

Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Sustainability and Governance, Beyond the Rhetoric: In these turbulent times, it is tempting to be cautious, cut costs, and generally focus on short-term thinking and survival. However, companies who take a long term, sustainable approach outperform their competitors. Investors, consumers, and employees are increasingly demanding good governance and transparency from businesses. Top class governance gives

How can business become more inclusive and diverse?

Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Sustainability and Society, Beyond the Rhetoric: We live in a society where inequalities are growing, the gap between rich and poor is widening, and some groups are disproportionately underemployed. Drawing on lived experiences of discrimination, this webinar explored the barriers that still exist and sought to challenge companies to move out of their comfort zones to

Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and Environment, Beyond the Rhetoric

Webinars - Jan 28, 2021

Sustainability and Environment, Beyond the Rhetoric: The first of our three-part webinar series. Our first webinar focused on Environment. Despite the vast number of damning scientific reports, international treaties and media headlines, the climate and biodiversity crises continue to persist. Minister for Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport, Eamon Ryan TD joined us to launch a ground-breaking

Members Network Event

Annual Members’ Network Meeting

Member Webinars - Dec 10, 2020

The year end Annual Members’ Network Meeting took place on the 9th of December. Our 100 members gathered to discuss the impacts we have achieved as a network and also our plans for next year. We shared the impacts of your work across the network during 2020, reflected on sustainability priorities for 2021, and looked

Low Carbon Pledge Workshop #4

Member Webinars - Dec 01, 2020

The 4th and final Low Carbon Knowledge Session of 2020. We discussed the New Low Carbon Pledge Commitment and what this means for your organisation. We also heard from our own team of Environmental experts on BITCI’s Low Carbon Perspective. Additionally, deep dived into another area which impacts a lot of your organisations and can

Webinar: sustainability

The Changing Face of Apprenticeships in Ireland

Member Webinars - Dec 01, 2020

In this webinar, we outlined the acute need for more companies in Ireland to take up the apprenticeship model. Member companies outlined the business benefits of this additional recruitment path and we heard about exciting new retail and pharma apprenticeships, as well as traditional apprenticeships. Speakers include: Pat O’Doherty, Chair of the Apprenticeship Council and

Webinar: sustainability

Demystifying the circular economy

Member Webinars - Nov 05, 2020

It is estimated that 60% of the global carbon emission reduction target could be met by transitioning from a linear economy (take/make/use/dispose) to a circular one. Transitioning to a more circular economy isn’t easy though. It requires significant change in product design, business models and consumer attitudes. In September, the Irish Government updated its National

Webinar: sustainability

BITCI Education Programmes Update webinar

Member Webinars - Aug 20, 2020

In this webinar, we provided information on how our programmes will operate in a virtual or blended world for the upcoming 2020/21 academic year. We also outlined the current and very real need in Ireland to support our young and vulnerable students, so that they can be positive about their futures and engage fully in

Webinar: sustainability

Our latest members’ webinar: Future Trends in Sustainability

Member Webinars - Jul 30, 2020

This week we held our latest webinar, Future Trends in Sustainability: The Transformational Capability of Sustainable Procurement. On the webinar, you will have a chance to hear practical examples of how a focus on human rights, green procurement and circular economy has been integrated into the business strategy of PwC; you will hear about some of

Webinar: sustainability

Integrating Sustainability into the Heart of Business: Exploring the External Context

Member Webinars - Jul 22, 2020

On Thursday, July 16th we held our webinar ‘Integrating Sustainability into the Heart of Business: Exploring the External Context’. The webinar examined the  Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economic, and Legal changes which have impacted business and society in 2020. Participants discussed global themes, the pace of change, and different responses from organisations in adapting to a

Education in a time of Crisis webinar

Member Webinars | Webinars - Jul 02, 2020

On Thursday, May 28th we held our webinar, ‘Education in a Time of Crisis’. We heard from the following speakers: Full speaker line up: Dr. Aideen Cassidy, Principal, Beneavin De La Salle College, Dublin 11 David Coleman, Clinical Psychologist & Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Psychology, UCD Deirdre Kennedy, Corporate Citizenship / CSR Lead, IBM Ireland Cian O’Brien, Mayfield/The Glen Schools

Communications in a Time of Crisis

Member Webinars | Webinars - Jul 02, 2020

On May 14th we hosted our webinar, Communications in a Time of Crisis. In this webinar we discussed the importance of top class communications during a time of crisis. We heard from expert speakers from Member companies who will brought us through their top tips on communicating with customers, the general public, their employees, as

Employee Engagement in times of crisis

Member Webinars | Webinars - May 01, 2020

Engaging with employees and safeguarding wellbeing has jumped to the top of every leader’s agenda. In this webinar, Members shared their experience and insights on engaging a remote workforce and ensuring a holistic approach to employee wellbeing at a time of uncertainty. Speaker line-up included: Amanda Johnson, Interim Director of People Success, RSA Ireland Gillian McMahon,

Community Engagement in a time of crisis

Member Webinars | Webinars - Apr 27, 2020

In our second webinar of this series, ‘Community Engagement in a Time of Crisis’ we examined what is best practice in community engagement during the COVID-19 crisis. Following on from  our initial advice for member companies on 26th March , we checked in with two of our member companies to learn about their approach and experiences to date of community engagement in response to the crisis.

Launch of BITCI Webinar series

On 15th April  Tomás Sercovich introduced the BITCI Webinar Series and discussed the global business response to the COVID-19 crisis alongside Senior CSR Adviser Linda O’Sullivan.  If you have any feedback on the webinar content or if you have any follow up questions please get in touch by emailing your account manager. We are delighted