Our Employment Programmes

Business creating inclusive employment

One of the most pressing societal issues in Ireland is the continued unemployment rates and under-employment of marginalised people. Business in the Community Ireland through its Employment Programmes offers authentic diversity and inclusion solutions, providing practical supports  and opening up an untapped talent pool for your organisation.

We work with people with immigrant and refugee backgrounds. Immigrants and refugees arriving in Ireland face significant barriers to integrate within Irish society. Cultural differences, lack of recognition of qualifications, absence of Irish work experience are some of their key challenges.

We also work with people facing a range of barriers, for example, experience of homelessness or people moving on from addiction, mental health problems, people who have been out of the ‘mainstream,’ which can leave them with low confidence and fears as to whether they can fit in the workplace again.

We also support women to return to the work force or enter it for the first time by connecting with businesses.

We have impacted the lives of over 5,000 people from over 100 nationalities, 70% of our participants have found jobs or entered training or volunteering.  


Businesses are uniquely placed to make an impact on inclusive employment. From offering jobs and work experience opportunities to mock interview skills and mentoring, the impacts on people’s lives can be transformative as can the impacts on volunteering employees themselves.  

Companies who join the network can access our  Employment programmes. Members including Marks & Spencer, Boots, KPMG, Accenture, Oracle and Transdev have all participated in this area. BT and CPL have provided dedicated IT and mock interview support since 2008.

The benefits to companies are significant:

  • A practical approach to developing a social inclusion strategy
  • Recruitment from non-traditional sources provides access to a more diverse future talent pool
  • Access to volunteering programmes
  • Improved reputation and trust with local communities
  • A diverse and engaged workforce
  • A clear signal to employees of commitment to a key national issue
  • Training opportunity for staff when it comes to leadership and mentoring
  • Measurable impacts and detailed reports

How are the services delivered?

We have a range of diversity and inclusion programmes:

EPIC works with people from migrant or refugee backgrounds and features pre-employment training, one to one guidance and opportunities for work experience.

Our EmployAbility service, helps people with disabilities and health challenges and provides guidance, work experience and in-work supports.

The Women@Work programme supports women to return to the work force or enter it for the first time by connecting with businesses. It provides a next step for women who have already participated in existing high quality employability programmes but who have not yet found suitable employment.

Our Traveller Employment programme  provides one to one support the Travellers seeking training and employment, and it connects Traveller Organisations with local businesses and communities.

The Traveller Employment Programme supports Travellers to gain and sustain meaningful work over the long term.