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Stakeholder expectations, and the requirements organisations need to meet in relation to sustainability have increased considerably over previous years.

The advent of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, alongside for example ISO Standards, GRI Standards and the Sustainable Development Goals, have increased the formal and social pressure to demonstrate real and tangible impact.

Since, 2010, Business in the Community Ireland have empowered organisations to go beyond legal compliance – ensuring that they continue to stretch in the right direction to meet the journey of change, with the Business Working Responsibly Mark (“The Mark”).

The Mark is Ireland’s Environmental, Economic, Social and Governance (EESG) standard. Third-party verified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland, it is the standard for sustainability that fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ongoing accountability, and leadership.

To achieve The Mark, organisations go through a rigorous audit-based process that embeds a strategic management system which facilitates internal organisational collaboration and supports the integration of environmental and social imperatives into core business practices.

A movement for change

Organisations with The Mark are representative of Ireland’s most mature, ambitious and innovative organisations, focused on meeting and delivering the transformation needed to address the sustainability challenge. These organisations are part of a collective movement for change, focused on leadership, knowledge sharing and supporting the wider business eco-system to amplify its sustainable impact.

As a member of a collective scheme, each Mark-certified organisation is required to abide by a number of terms and conditions in order to retain their membership. One of the conditions is to undergo an annual review. Based on the results of their prior certification and a number of other factors, BITCI follow an audit-based approach to assess ongoing compliance and conformity to the Standard.

How to hit The Mark

The Mark fosters excellence in sustainability by establishing and continually improving the management system which underpins four pillars for design and delivery. This system is founded on good governance upheld through the organisation’s definition, management and decision-making structures, values, and stakeholder engagement approach in support of its purpose and strategy.

The Mark focuses on four pillars of sustainability – also referred to as EESG;

Economic; captures the organisation’s approach to creating a positive and sustainable economic impact on the local community, society, and the environment by responsibly managing its value chain.

Environmental; captures the organisation’s approach to responsibly managing its total environmental footprint across its operations and value chain

Social; captures the organisation’s approach to addressing the needs of key social stakeholders including local communities, colleagues, suppliers, representative bodies and greater society.

Governance; structures provide the foundations for economic, environmental and social pillars through purpose, governing body oversight, stakeholder engagement and decision-making structures.

What is The Mark?

Want to Know More?

If your organisation would like to be certified to The Mark, or you simply want to find out more, please contact your Advisor (for members). If you are not a member, please contact our Membership Executive Trish McNamara

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