About Us

We are the trusted advisers on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our vision is to have all businesses in Ireland responsible and sustainable. Our mission is to harness the power of Irish business to maximise its positive impact on all its stakeholders and society.

Led by CEO Tomás Sercovich, our organisation has one of the strongest board of directors in the country and our Patron is President Michael.D.Higgins.

We work in three simple ways:

The Network for Responsible Business

Our network of the most progressive companies in Ireland has grown year on year since inception. We offer three membership streams which can help companies at any stage of their sustainability and CSR journey. In addition, to fully represent the business landscape in Ireland, we also offer a variety of tools and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Business Working Responsibly Mark

Utilising our unique expertise and insight and in demand to the companies who wanted to be best in class, we created the Business Working Responsibly Mark, Ireland’s first certified standard for sustainability and CSR. Audited by the NSAI and based on ISO 26000, the Mark is the premier business standard in Ireland.

Business Action Programmes

Education and unemployment are key societal issues in Ireland. From our experience we know that companies can have a significant impact on these issues but benefit too through employee engagement opportunities. Our off the shelf programmes are part of the network membership and can add value to any sustainability and CSR plan of activities.

When we were established, sustainability and CSR were based only on corporate giving and engagement with charities and causes. Today, through our work with hundreds of companies,  sustainability and CSR cover all areas of the business from employee engagement and supply chain to procurement, climate change, and human rights.


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