Day 1 of the The Sustainability Revolution: Revolutionary Leadership

Oct 06, 2021

During this session, we looked at the revolutionary leadership needed to drive radical change. We heard about the need for a greater collective voice among the business community to tackle systemic challenges in areas of sustainability and inclusivity. We examined questions such as, ‘Is the pace of change for business and the entire eco-system fast enough for the challenges ahead?’ ‘Do we need more radical change and what does that look like?’

Our panel reflected on the need for accountability and strong management systems to ensure organisations are meeting their own goals and those of the wider eco-system. We also discussed the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and what measures our members are taking to create a more inclusive workplace.


  • Imelda Hurley, CEO, Coillte
  • Caroline Keeling, Group CEO, Keelings
  • Dave Murphy, Group CEO, PM Group
  • Deborah Threadgold, Country General Manager, IBM Ireland
  • Shay Walsh, Managing Director, BT Ireland