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Heineken sustainability report 2015

HEINEKEN Ireland’s brewery marks 160 years in Ireland, supports 1,000 local suppliers and injects €100 million into the economy HEINEKEN Ireland , a leading beer and cider company, published its sustainability report for 2015, demonstrating that sustainability is embedded throughout the business and is a key growth driver. HEINEKEN Ireland is on a ten year sustainability journey

Biodiversity in the supply chain: Unilever

Unilever is challenging its suppliers to become more aware of biodiversity as part of its commitment to sustainable farming.   Material business benefits: Unilever acknowledges the role of biodiversity in the provision of the raw materials it uses in its products and is aware of the impact of good and bad biodiversity stories on brand

A five-year plan for biodiversity: Translink

Translink put in place a five-year Biodiversity Action Plan in 2009 in recognition of the “significant role” the company plays in providing for biodiversity and sustainable development at the local level.           Material business benefits: Translink boosted its reputation by winning the ‘Biodiversity Project of the Year’ award at the annual Sustainable Ireland Awards