IQuTech: closing the loop for a sustainable economy

“We help other companies be more sustainable by maximising the life of consumer products and minimising the use of finite resources.”


What the company does

One of the big challenges for consumer electronics companies is to reduce environmental impact. According to the EC, the sector has the largest potential for eco-innovations. IQuTech partners with the big names in the electronics sector providing services such as:

  • De-branding, re-manufacturing and refurbishing parts where possible
  • Recycling and materials harvesting materials that cannot be re-manufactured or refurbished
  • Producing almost zero waste from processes
  • WEEE-compliant disposal

These services extend the lives of electronic parts and products, in turn reducing demand on the earth’s finite resources, including rare-earth materials and precious metals and the embodied energy associated with their extraction and manufacture.

The business benefits

IQUTech’s business model is based on sustainability and eco-innovation.

The company

IQuTech formed in 2009 providing a wide range of after-sales services to the electronics manufacturing industry, such as returns, repairs, refurbishment, customisation to local markets and managing product recalls for many multinational electronics manufacturers. Its headquarters are in Limerick, with business operations located in Holland, Czech Republic, UK and Poland.