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Low carbon pledge

Low Carbon Pledge report 2022

All signatory companies commit to setting science-based carbon emissions reduction targets by 2024, which must include their entire carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 & 3) and be in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest IPCC findings. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and these targets are the first step towards a net zero world by 2050.

Elevate Pledge

Elevate Pledge 2022

The vision of the ELEVATE Pledge is to build a workforce reflective of society, starting now. The Pledge, which must be signed by the CEO, asks companies to commit to profiling their diversity and to take action to embed inclusion.

Business in the Community Ireland

How to Mitigate the risk of Modern Slavery

Our objective is that this Report and Guidance Tool will make it easier for you and your company to put in place the necessary human rights policies, objectives and targets to ensure your operations and chain of supply are examined on an ongoing basis, so as to be able to take action should it be required.

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Shaping the Future of Work

Download the new publication by the Worker of the Future sub-group to read perspectives on the Transition to the Next Normal and beyond. Access emerging best practices from leading businesses in the areas of Culture, Skills, Inclusion and Wellbeing.

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The Inclusive Employer blueprint

The Inclusive Employer blueprint is a practical guide to create inclusive workplaces and reduce social inequality in Ireland. It is designed to be a starting point for any employer interested in building an inclusive society starting with their own company.

Business in the Community Ireland

The Biodiversity handbook for business

Download the handbook to read the business case for biodiversity, case studies and access practical tips, key contacts and resources for biodiversity action.

Business in the Community Ireland

Back to Work – Business Supporting Work Placements

Business in the Community Ireland’s ‘Back to Work – Business Supporting Work Placements’ documents eleven top companies’ experience of providing work placements for people facing labour market disadvantage.

Business in the Community Ireland

Stakeholder Engagement Report

This report describes common and evolving practices in stakeholder engagement among a group of development companies and other stakeholders in Ireland. It is aimed at companies and other organisations involved in engagement as part of proposed development, to encourage them to observe certain approaches in communications with stakeholders including local communities.

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BITCI Sustainability Report 2012

Welcome to our 4th Sustainability Report. For our 2012 report, we made a key innovation and applied the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to our reporting – this report adheres to a Level C GRI report. This was a major endeavour for us and the format of the report shows how we were guided by this framework.

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5 Tips When Taking Action on Sustainable Procurement

Our Senior Corporate Responsibility Consultant Darina Eades provides 5 quick tips on how to get started on Sustainable Procurement and what to watch out for.

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What is Sustainable Procurement

Our Senior Consultant Darina Eades has developed An Introduction to Sustainable Procurement, an insightful guide to help you understand what Sustainable Procurement is, what are the drivers and the business case for it.

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The Deloitte CFO Survey

The Deloitte 2012 Q2 CFO Survey was conducted in partnership with BITCI. According to the results of the Quarter 2, Deloitte CFO Survey (June 2012): 1. 93% of CFOs believe there is a direct link between sustainability and business performance. 2. Irish CFOs identified sustainability as having the strongest impact on long term value creation, compliance, risk management and building trust. This was followed by cost control, revenue generation and investor relations.

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BITCI 2011 CR Report

In 2011, our environmental agenda was pushed a mile forward by the establishment of our Sustainability Committee reporting to our CEO. The report encompasses how we operate, how we impact on the environment, how we engage staff, work with our member companies and clients and also tell you some stories about us as an organisation.