SMEs Resources and Tools: Community


These ideas can help your business make a positive impact on the communities in which you work.


VSet up an employee volunteering scheme

Develop employee skills, increase morale and build successful teams if you encourage staff to play an active role in the local community. Click here for more information.


Getting involved with your community is good for business

Enhance your business performance, profitability and reputation by working with your local community and supporting social and charitable causes. Click here for more information.  Download the CSR brochure for SMEs on how to make a positive impact in your community and on how to choose the right charity partner.

VAccess proven CSR programmes that engage your staff whilst making a positive impact in your community

The Engage Stream of membership provides you with a suite of proven tools and solutions to help your company advance at community engagement and reap the business benefits.

We can help you select a Charity of Choice or offer access to our innovative Business Action on Employment and Education programmes; the choice is yours.