The Biodiversity Handbook for Business

BITCI News - Environment - Oct 11, 2019

Through our engagement with our member companies we found that many, no matter the sector they operate in, struggled to understand their role when it came to biodiversity and the impact they had. We saw this as an opportunity to shed a light on the role that business could play, by providing a framework to assist companies in developing a biodiversity action plan. Additionally, we used the power of our network to promote the great work being done by companies when it came to having a positive biodiversity impact.

Along with sharing companies biodiversity stories this Booklet provides you with guidance on how to begin your biodiversity journey; how to engage your staff; and how to support your communities. It also provided a platform to showcase the many environmental NGOs in Ireland and how you as a business could get involved.

Download the handbook to read the business case for biodiversity, case studies and access practical tips, key contacts and resources for biodiversity action.


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