#StrongerTogether with Jamie O’Toole, Vodafone Volunteer

Vodafone is participating in the Business Impact Map and the #strongertogether campaign.The interactive map launching today showcases what companies are doing for their local communities across the country and also shows the collective impact of the network. As we unveil the impact achieved by the participating companies in 2017 we take the opportunity to hear from the volunteers that make this impact a reality.

Jamie O’Toole is a Quality Engineer Manager at Vodafone, as part of the #StrongerTogether campaign, Jamie shares his experience and thoughts on volunteering.

Tell us about your volunteering experience…

I have been a Volunteer on the phones with ISPCC Childline since April 2016. We provide a 24hr listening service for children under the age of 18 to empower them to deal with whatever is happening in their lives. We are asked to give up just 4 hours a week to chat with children on the phone.

Why did you decide to take part and volunteer?

I realised I had some spare time on my hands and wanted to do something different with it other than sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I was willing to give up my time for something worthwhile but didn’t know what. Vodafone partnered up with Childline and when they came in to talk to us it just felt right. I went along to an open night and the rest is history.

What did you enjoy from the experience?

It’s enjoyable on many different levels. There is the great satisfaction being there for someone in need, making a difference no matter how small. Children are funny, intelligent, and imaginative and it can be very rewarding being allowed into their world for that brief moment in time. You also form a close bond with the staff and fellow volunteers that is completely unique to the service. It becomes a part of your life

What would you say to a colleague who hasn’t volunteered before to encourage him/her to give it a go?

Do it! The best thing you can do is give someone your time. Donations and fundraising are an easy way to help out a charity or service but giving up your time is probably the most valuable thing you can do. Don’t over think it. There’s too much hardship in the world at the moment and we all need to look after each other in some shape or form to make a difference. You can sit on the sidelines or take a leap of faith and surprise yourself. Find something close to you and go for it. You won’t regret it.

How important is it to you that the company you work for shares your values and facilitates you to undertake volunteering activities as part of your role?

Immensely. The last 6 years I’ve worked with the Vodafone Foundation in some shape or form raising money for different charities. The support and matched funding provided actually encouraged me to get even more involved with volunteering and fundraising. The support Vodafone provides and ethos it promotes in relation to volunteering have been key drivers in where I’ve ended up today….Which is a happy volunteer who’s raised thousands of euros for worthy causes over the last few years – not bad going :).


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