Intel Partners with UCD to Sponsor 18 masters students

BITCI News - Community - Jan 29, 2018

The Masters sponsorship program is part of an ongoing strategic partnership between Intel and UCD.

January 17th saw Intel Leixlip welcome 18 Intel sponsored Masters students from UCD. The students, pursuing full time masters in Science, Engineering and related disciplines, were on site to meet their Intel, industry mentors and receive commendation for their achievements to date. The sponsorship programme is part of an ongoing strategic partnership between Intel and UCD and follows on from the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Intel General Manager; Eamonn Sinnott and UCD President; Professor Andrew Deeks, in March 2016.

In addition to providing each participant with a monetary sum to support their academic studies, the program also provides employee mentors from Intel to give the students a direct relationship to the world of work.

Intel Ireland General Manager Eamonn Sinnott said “To borrow a phrase from Andy Bryant; Chairman of the Intel Board of Directors, “The ingredient we begin with is sand, everything else is value added by people,” So the bridge between sand, and leading edge 14nm devices is the determination, ingenuity and creativity of the people working here, and that is why talent development is at the cornerstone of this Memorandum of Understanding with UCD.”

UCD President, Professor Deeks added, “As well as the scholarships being announced today, UCD is also pleased to partner with the Intel Women in Technology scholarship programme and is grateful to Intel for its support of the development of the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science.”



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