CSR Certification based on ISO26000 assesses and certifies sustainable business practices

BITCI News - Aug 24, 2017

The Business Working Responsibly mark is a CSR certification which is based on ISO 26000. The Mark, audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), will assess and certify your responsible and sustainable business practices. It will provide your organisation with an assessment of how well positioned it is to address risks and opportunities in the current business environment.

We live in an increasingly transparent world. Organisations are facing scrutiny from customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the media. Customers want to trust organisations they engage with. Employees, especially millennials, want to work for values-driven employers and investors want to know that a company is addressing its sustainability risks. Through initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, governments and other coalitions are rallying the power of business behind some of the world’s biggest environmental and social crises.

CSR Certification

Dublin: Tuesday, 25th October: Over 200 business leaders attended the annual Business in the Community CEO Breakfast Forum at Dublin Castle, where the companies certified to the Business Working Responsibly Mark so far in 2016 were announced. Picture Jason Clarke

The Business Working Responsibly Mark assessment looks at how your organisation has integrated responsible and sustainable practices into its management of:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Value Chain Processes
  • Environmental Practices
  • Community Engagement

Achieving the Mark involves passing a self-assessment questionnaire and completing a verification audit conducted by the NSAI. The outcome is documented in an audit report and in a benchmark report against a cohort of peers.

Achieving the Mark endorses your organisation’s management of responsible and sustainable practices and along the way, the Mark will also provide you with an inventory, a gap analysis and a roadmap for your sustainable journey. It showcases your organisation as best in class.

Check out the leading brands that have achieved the Mark and find out more on how to apply.