Kirby and PM Group team up to provide critical support to the HSE with India donation

Members News - Leadership - Jun 29, 2021

Kirby and PM Group are delighted to support the HSE’s recent donation of an oxygen generator from University College Hospital Galway (UCHG) to the Indian Health Service.

After 14 long months, the fight against COVID-19 in Ireland is finally entering a more favourable stage with the successful rollout of a vaccination programme following on from the restrictive lockdown measures. Virus cases have subsequently dropped, hospital admissions are at their lowest levels for months, and there is reduced demand on HSE services and infrastructure.

To deliver an essential piece of healthcare infrastructure halfway across the world is an ambitious project and one that can only be accomplished with the help of the HSE’s engineering partners.

On Wednesday 8th June, following its extraction from UCHG by crane, this vital piece of equipment started the first leg of its epic journey to India. Expert Engineers and Project Managers from Kirby Group Engineering and PM Group were on hand to ensure the life-saving cargo made it securely onto its transport, heading for its ultimate destination.

Kirby’s key role is to organise the removal of the generator from UCHG and ship it to Bangalore, India. PM Group will liaise with local health authorities through their office in Bangalore to ensure safe delivery and installation.

Mark Flanagan, MD. Kirby Group Engineering said “We are very proud to provide our support to the HSE with the donation of this oxygen generator; our team here in Galway has worked tirelessly with PM Group and the HSE to ensure that this vital equipment reaches those who need it most. Logistically it’s a mammoth undertaking, but when we work closely with our friends and colleagues, it’s incredible what can be achieved to help those most in need.”

Dave Murphy, CEO, PM Group, said “PM Group is delighted to partner with the HSE and Kirby Group Engineering to facilitate the delivery of this life-saving equipment to where it’s needed most. Our team in Bangalore has been supporting local COVID-19 care centres with equipment and supplies through these difficult times, so we are particularly happy to help with this important initiative.”

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