KPMG Financial Services Mentoring Programme

Business in the Community Ireland

KPMG is a leading provider of professional services in Ireland. KPMG works with clients in all sectors of Irish business, providing a range of Audit, Tax and Advisory services.


What was the opportunity?

KPMG CSRA significant number of immigrants have backgrounds in the financial services industry and are highly skilled along with having work experience and education in their native countries. Still, they are not able to secure employment in Ireland and face many challenges establishing themselves within the Irish workforce.

KPMG engaged with BITCI’s employment programme EPIC –Employment for People from Immigrant Communities. EPIC increases participants’ job seeking skills through pre-employment training, one-to-one support, business inputs and work experience opportunities.

What was achieved?

The Financial Services Mentoring Programme was created to match KPMG employees’ skills and expertise with a growing need within the immigrant community. Established in 2011, KPMG’s employees have provided individual advice and support to targeted participants of the EPIC programme. Mentees have gained an understanding of the financial sector in Ireland, were supported to establish professional networks and have developed communication skills and vocabulary related to the sector.

In 6 years, 27 EPIC clients have been mentored by a KPMG employee and 23 of the clients have been placed in employment or education – mainly in the financial services industry – that is an 85% placement rate.

Top Tip

KPMG examined the skills and resources they have available and matched them with an identified societal need relevant to their sector.

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