Diageo: “Don’t See a Great Night Wasted” campaign

Business in the Community Ireland
Company Description:
Diageo is one of Ireland’s leading drinks businesses with an outstanding collection of beer, wine and spirits brands. The company employs more than 2,200 people at facilities in Dublin, Belfast, Dundalk, Kilkenny, Cork, Sligo, Limerick and Waterford and contributes significantly to approximately 15,000 other jobs and invests in excess of €500 million annually on wages, materials and services. Today, Diageo’s operations in Ireland are collectively a €1.7billion business bringing the iconic Irish brands, Guinness and Baileys to consumers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Business Issue:
Alcohol is a product that is positive for society when consumed in moderation and it is enjoyed responsibly by the vast majority of people who choose to drink. As Ireland’s leading drinks company Diageo is determined to play a role in promoting sensible drinking and providing consumers with the information and awareness they need to make responsible choices about their alcohol consumption.

Solution Applied:
‘Don’t See A Great Night Wasted’ Campaign:

  • Diageo Ireland’s expertise in research, marketing and advertising utilised to produce Ireland’s first responsible drinking advertising campaign. The theme of the advertisement is that potentially great nights out are ruined by excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Campaign began in Winter 2003 and will continue to run in 2006.
  • Since its inception in excess of €5m has been invested by Diageo Ireland in the campaign.
  • Campaign is constantly assessed and researched with consumers before new elements of the campaign are rolled.
  • Significant success is apparent with, for instance, 76% of people who saw the TV ad stating they would be more likely to drink responsibly as a result.

Company Benefits:

  • The ‘Don’t See A Great Night Wasted’ campaign has marked Diageo Ireland out as an innovator among alcohol beverage companies in the Irish market.
  • The campaign demonstrates that Diageo Ireland is engaged and active on issues related to alcohol in society. “Diageo is the first drinks company to communicate the issue of responsible drinking with the same degree of rigorous research and creative effort that we give to the promotion of our brands. This campaign has been developed based on consumer insights, in the same way that Diageo develops its brand advertising.” Beth Davies Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Diageo Ireland.

Stakeholder Benefits:

  • For the first time in Ireland there is a sustained and effective campaign promoting sensible drinking and asking consumers to review their attitudes towards alcohol.
  • 84% of consumers believe that this type of advertising would make them think about their drinking patterns.

Departments Involved:
Corporate Relations

Solution Champion:
Beth Davies Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, beth.davies.ryan@diageo.com