‘Seeing is Believing’ For STEM Teachers

Monday, May 15th, 2017

STEM ‘Seeing Is Believing’ (SIB) is a BITCI initiative which also supports ‘Smart Futures’, a collaborative industry and education framework, raising awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) careers at post-primary level. The goal of this initiative is to give STEM teachers and guidance counsellors a deep and engaging insight into leading STEM sector companies and the innovative and diverse range of opportunities and careers that exist within the local region. Working with leading local STEM sector companies, it is a one day tour with a series of talks from employees in the sector.

Feedback from the events has been extremely positive, with teachers welcoming the opportunity to engage with the practical applications of STEM. This has helped to bring a new dimension to the classroom for the teachers and their students. Over the last year, a number of companies have hosted STEM ‘SIB’ events all over Ireland. Below is a snapshot of these events with feedback from teachers who attended.


“It gave me the opportunity to see just how the industry works and hear direct testimonials from those working there. I would definitely recommend it to any educational facility”. Teacher quote about SIB in Abbott Ireland Diagnostics Ltd, Sligo, May 2017.





”Very practical and well-presented. Gave great insight into career paths for students.”– Teacher who attended BAM Ireland SIB, Galway, November 2016.





“I’ll be going back into school with a new energy, great if others could benefit from this.” Teacher quote about Ballina Beverages SIB, Mayo, May 2017.







“It would be really great if all teachers had such opportunities to attend places like this”. Teacher quote about –LM Ericsson SIB, Athlone, May 2017.



Arup & Malwarebytes in Cork will also host a ‘SIB’ event in the near future. Contact your local BITCI Co-ordinator if your business has something to offer a school staff or if your school would like to avail of top level training & development.