Pramerica & Mulroy College, Donegal

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Pramerica & Mulroy 1Pramerica Systems Ireland opened its doors once again to give Mulroy College students a guided tour of the facility and some insight into the many career opportunities that exist in the ICT sector. The initiative is part of The Schools’ Business Partnership’s Skills @ Work Programme, which encourages students to remain in school by offering them a unique insight into the world of work.

“We’re delighted to welcome students from Mulroy College to our campus. This is a great way for them to make the connection between education and future opportunity. It exposes them to career possibilities, opens their eyes to what various jobs entail and gives them educational goals,” said Martin Davies, Corporate Policy and Process Manager at Pramerica.

Feedback from students indicates that the workplace visit is one of the highlights of the Skills @ Work programme. In addition to familiarising them with the corporate environment, the programme also helps students better understand important skills such as workplace etiquette and expected behaviour in a professional environment, one of the major adjustments needed in moving from school to the work world. In turn, employees at participating companies say the programme improves their listening, communication and interpersonal skills.

In addition to the  site visit,  The Skills @ Work programme provides  CV workshops, ‘A Day in the Life’ talks, mock interviews, company overviews and interview skill techniques.

“The Pramerica tour really brought what the students have learned to life. The employees went to significant effort to make the experience as informative and enjoyable as possible,” said Catherine Crawford, Careers Guidance Teacher, Mulroy College.

Pramerica & Mulroy 2