IBM – Making a National Impact

Friday, December 4th, 2015


IBM Damastown“It is fantastic for IBM to be involved with a local school that is so geographically close to our large campus in Damastown. It’s often hard for people to understand exactly what IBM does and we hope to make this, at the least, a bit clearer for these students.

It’s important for them to be aware of the kind of companies and jobs that are so close to them, but also give them an insight into the general corporate and working world, which at times can seem so far from their current everyday school lives. It’s brilliant to meet the next generation and see the future within them. They will most likely hold jobs that don’t even exist in the world today….and that’s exciting for us in IBM as we strive towards Innovation”. Ann Patton, Training and Education Specialist, IBM.


IBM & Bishopstown CS“This programme is one of the most effective and practical programmes being offered in the school with long lasting benefits for the students. IBM offers the students an opportunity to not only learn about the ICT sector but also gives them the experience of what it is actually like to work in that industry. Our site visit to IBM really informed students on the opportunities available to them in this industry when they are finished school. One of the highlights of the school year are the mock interviews and students rate it as the best learning experience they have in 5th year. Personally, I can see the difference this programme makes to the students confidence and how it increases their awareness around the benefits of a good education. IBM not only contribute their time they also gave the school a grant towards improving the ICT system in the school. We really enjoy being part of this programme and look forward to working with IBM again in the future.” Eilís Gleeson, Guidance Counsellor, Bishopstown Community School.


IBM Galway

Photo caption: IBM, Galway opens its doors to Presentation Secondary School girls on the Skills @ Work programme. Thanks to Orla Prendergast, Operations & Administration, IBM and all the staff who gave up their time to give everyone a valuable insight into life at IBM.