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The Inclusive Employer, Diversity & Inclusion at work

The focus of the Social Inclusion sub-group of the Leaders’ Group on Sustainability is to examine the role of business in building a more inclusive society. Reducing inequalities and achieving a fully cohesive society is a complex task and government, NGOs and business all have a role to play.

Employment offers the single biggest opportunity for vulnerable individuals to move out of a cycle of poverty and become active participants in society.  Business is uniquely placed to impact on employability and as such the Leaders’ Group concentrated efforts on developing the concept of the Inclusive Employer.

This publication is the result of extensive stakeholder consultation with business, NGOs and government. It also draws on over 20 years of experience within BITCI of designing and delivering acclaimed social action programmes tackling disadvantage in Education and Employment.

The Inclusive Employer blueprint 

The Inclusive Employer blueprint is a practical guide to create inclusive and diverse workplaces to reduce social inequality in Ireland. It is designed to be a starting point for any employer interested in building an inclusive society starting with their own company. For those companies already applying a social lens to their diversity & Inclusion strategy this blueprint will complement existing activities.

Download the Inclusive Employer publication to:

  • access the tangible framework for connecting the dots on your Diversity & Inclusion agenda
  • receive numerous actionable tips on Social Inclusion
  • learn from other businesses with case studies from: Accenture, SSE Ireland, Fujitsu Ireland, PwC, Boots Ireland, Deloitte, Veolia, M&S, Janssen Supply Chain Ireland.

Download the blueprint

How can we help your business

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer recently revealed that 75% of Irish people expect CEOs to take the lead on social change issues. The time for action is now.

Through our work with a strong network of over 90 of Ireland’s top businesses and with over twenty years of experience within our organisation of designing and delivering acclaimed social action programmes tackling disadvantage in Education and Employment, our team of experts can help you to:

    • Customise the blueprint to suit your business
    • Devise strategy
    • Review policies and provide best practice examples
    • Choose strategic partners
    • Prepare an action plan
    • Roll out programme – impacting on individuals and communities
    • Measure and review progress
    • Build a communications plan

Get in touch

Please contact our Senior CSR Adviser Linda O’Sullivan on 01-874 7232 if you would like to discuss how we can help you in the area of Social Inclusion.

If you are a member company, please contact your Account Manager.

If you are an NGO working on employability and would like to be profiled to businesses, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Louise Murray or Linda O’Sullivan. Or call  01 874 7232.

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