Time to Read Testimonials

Uncategorized - Sep 09, 2015

This year, we gathered some informal feedback which was kindly provided by volunteers, parents and children who took part in the Time to Read programme. The participants spoke about their experience of the programme. Their responses are the following:

Quotes from our Volunteers:

T2R 3“The improvements in confidence, fluency and comprehension were clearly visible from the start of the programme to the end. Enjoyment is harder to measure, but while the girls may have been more timid at the start, by the end of the programme they were bounding with enthusiasm about reading new books, re-reading favourites and trying to sound out new words. We had lots of giggles over funny illustrations and the girls loved reading in different character voices”

“It was great to feel like we were making a difference to these children. The girls were a credit to the school and an absolute pleasure to read with every week. To see their confidence and their reading abilities grow week on week was very rewarding” 

Parents in a number of schools were asked how they felt their children were benefiting from Time to Read and their responses were as follows:

“She likes the lovely books and enjoys reading them”

 “My child really enjoys her Time to Read group. She looks forward to it every Tuesday and it has helped improve her reading and now she reads a lot more by herself”

“I have noticed he is reading at home better than he was. Also I find he is coming out of his shell a lot more since he started Time to Read”

We also T2R 4asked the children to answer a few questions on how they felt about taking part in the programme:

“I love reading”

“I always sound out the words when I get stuck and then I get them right!”

“I think it’s great and I love reading the books.  They’re great books and the people who teach me are really nice”