Social Butterflies…Time to Read’s Social Media Campaign

Uncategorized - May 05, 2016


Time to Read recently ran a very successful Social Media Campaign and our colleague, Katie Walsh,Time to Read Admin Assistant, wrote about her experience of working on the campaign….

What was your favourite childhood book? Black Beauty; Peter Pan; The Little Mermaid or James and the Giant Peach….This was the theme of our successful Time to Read Social Media campaign which took place in March. As part of the campaign, we dedicated a whole week to Time to Read across all our social media platforms. The aim of this was to raise awareness of the Time to Read Programme by making an emotional connection with our audience and getting the conversation going about reading, and our wonderful primary school programme.

A variety of testimonials, quotes and images were designed and shared across all our social media platforms. We held a strong presence on Twitter on the Tuesday whereby we interacted with various influencers, businesses and well known personalities, sharing various content using the hashtag #favechildhoodbook. This was hugely successful as many well-known authors such as Marian Keyes, Louise O’Neill and John Boyne engaged with the campaign, offering their support of this fantastic programme, alongside many of our participating companies, who tweeted throughout the week.

Not only did we promote the Time to Read programme via social media, we also ran a staff engagement drive within the BITCI offices throughout the same week. This created a fantastic buzz around the offices and everyone got on board by posting their #favechildhoodbook to our noticeboards, and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Both initiatives were highly successful as a means of creating awareness for the Time to Read programme. The reception we received both within the offices and online is testament to the appeal and success of the programme.

We are currently recruiting more companies to come on board and become part of the Time to Read story….is this fantastic employee engagement initiative something that might work within your company? If so, please get in touch with us!