Leadership Excellence for Teachers

Uncategorized - Aug 20, 2014

We offer teachers the chance to take part in personal development training sessions on topics identified to schools to meet the needs of teachers in a fast changing world. Topics covered include but are not limited to: leadership, managing change, strategic planning, branding and marketing, time mangement etc. These seminars are free of charge to teachers and schools and can be part of Croke Park agreed hours. Sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators from Irish businesses and are fully evaluated afterward. If you have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity, congratulations, because you were one of thousands of teachers who have benefitted from Leadership Excellence for Teachers seminars over the last 5 years.

Here is what teachers who have already participated are saying:

‘I am glad that each time I left a session my mind was alive with ideas and possibilities at being a better wife, friend, teachers etc. and also being a more fulfilled person myself. I thank you all for that inspiration’ Nagle Community School, Cork, on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People delivered by Bord Gais Networks (pictured below)

‘We are at a stage where schools can no longer operate as locked away institutions that are resistant to what is happening in the outside world. If we are to truly serve the needs of our students we need to engage much more with communities and with the world of work. We need to embrace positive change’ Carlow CBS, on ESB’s Managing Change seminar

Picture1Leadership Excellence for Teachers is evolving every year as our contacts in Irish business continue to grow. We can help teachers tap into the wealth of expertise and experience that’s out there. For business, we can harness your transferable skills and give them a greater impact far beyond your expectations. Make the most of this opportunity and ask your regional co-ordinator about a Leadership Excellence for Teachers session at your school.