Irish Distillers launch Responsib’All Day 2013

BITCI News - Members News - Uncategorized - Jun 25, 2013

All 500 employees in Ireland joined  18 800 Pernod Ricard employees around the world to reduce harmful use of alcohol

irishdistillersjulycsrnewsIrish Distillers Pernod Ricard recently celebrated the third annual Responsib’All Day . As part of the Pernod Ricard group, all 500 employees of Irish Distillers participated in a ‘Responsible Day’ which aims to educate employees about responsible drinking.

All employees of Irish Distillers, makers of Jameson, joined the 18,800 Pernod Ricard employees across the world, to halt their activities for one day, to participate in the responsible drinking initiative, and promote the five key commitments undertaken by the industry as made by the International Centre for Alcohol Policies.

Those commitments are

  1. Reducing under-age drinking
  2. Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice
  3. Providing consumer information and developing responsible product innovation
  4. Reducing drinking and driving
  5. Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking

Various activities took place across the Irish Distillers offices in Dublin, Midleton and Belfast (Dillon Bass), including a conference which featured guest speaker Stephen Lynam of Retail Ireland entitled; ‘Focus on Responsible Retailing,’ which was hosted in Dublin and live streamed to employees in Cork and Belfast.

Employees in the Old Jameson Distillery also participated in the day through the deliverance of a ‘Responsible Serving of Alcohol Programme’ from MEAS. This was delivered in the form of interactive workshops using ‘real situations’ or case studies to help reinforce the skills of the staff, and  educate them on the facts about alcohol and its effects on the body, and how to handle potentially difficult situations such as how to identify signs of increasing intoxication when serving customers.

The company will also be working with retailers over the next two years to implement some pilot programmes which will promote responsible retailing of alcohol across Ireland.

Chairman and CEO Irish Distillers said – “Here in Ireland we are committed to the ongoing responsible promotion of our products. We are a founding member of MEAS – the organisation that runs and continues to reach young adults with a responsible drinking message. We also adhere to strict marketing codes to ensure that we promote our products in a responsible manner. But at Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard we want to do more, and through Responsib’All Day we can focus the efforts of our 500 strong employee force to lead the way in the promotion of responsible drinking in Ireland.


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