Go Green this May

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Mar 30, 2015

logoSee Change is a partnership of more than 70 Irish organisations working together to change minds and to challenge the stigma of mental health problems in Ireland. Business in the Community Ireland is a proud partner of this initiative.

See Change’s role involves generating big, disruptive ideas to grow a social movement for change and to inspire a national conversation on mental health and eliminating stigma.

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and its 90 partner organisations will be rolling out a month long national green ribbon campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2015.

The ask of people is to wear the green ribbon and support a movement to spark a national conversation about mental health in Ireland’s boardrooms, break-rooms, chat rooms, clubhouses, arts venues, college campuses and around kitchen tables throughout Ireland. Our aim is to make the month of May every year synonymous with challenging the stigma of mental health. Just like the pink ribbon has become a powerful symbol for breast cancer awareness, this lime green ribbon has been established in the US and beyond as the international symbol for challenging the stigma of mental health problems.

Visit the Green Ribbon website to find out how you can get involved.