College Awareness Week – Spread the word and get involved!

Uncategorized - Oct 07, 2014

This year marks a very special occasion – the launch of a national campaign called College Awareness Week ( which will be held from November 24-30.

The campaign encourages individuals and organisations to spread the word that going to college and having a post-secondary plan is both important and achievable.  The campaign is being endorsed widely by over twenty national agencies, including the Department of Education and Skills, the National Office for Equity of Access to Higher Education, Vincent de Paul, IGC, NAPD, BITCI and IBEC.

You are invited to consider the following:

1)      Host an event in your organisation – no matter how big or small- and upload details about this event to our website

2)      Circulate the save the date to members of your organisation

3)      Visit our website at for ideas and resources

4)      Include our logo as part of your email signature

5)      Include our banner ad on your website or digital screens

6)      Follow us on Twitter (and retweet) and Facebook

Your contribution to this nationwide campaign matters and will help to accomplish the goals, which are:

  • Celebrating the importance of going to college
  • Showcasing local role models who have gone to college
  • Creating a college-going culture in your community or organisation
  • Helping students to become college-ready
  • Supporting an increase in the number of students who progress to college

While College Awareness Week is a national campaign, it is essential that activities focus specifically on the communities that experience low rates of participation in college.  Events which take place in DEIS schools and in communities identified in the HEA’s Consultation Paper: Towards the Development of a new National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education (August, 2014) are very much prioritised.

For further information, please check out or contact