A Principal’s Perspective

Uncategorized - Mar 27, 2015

CThe Time to Read programme has seen a huge growth within the last year. One of our new partnerships, between the Insurance Institute of Ireland and St. Vincent’s GNS has been going from strength to strength. The principal, Margaret O’ Connor outlines her experience of the programme since its launch in September.

“The Time to Read initiative has been a wonderful experience for the girls in 2nd class in St Vincent’s GNS. They have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading with a business volunteer over the course of 20 weeks. The variety of books which the pupils had access to was excellent”.

III_logo“I think the real test of any initiative is did it achieve its objective? The Time to Read initiative hoped to help the pupils deepen their love and enjoyment of reading and through this increase their fluency and vocabulary. In talking with the pupils their enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment was obvious from the smile which appeared on their lips with the mention of the initiative. The litmus test for teachers is when they respond positively to the question, “Would you do it again?” Miss O’Toole, class teacher, felt it was a very worthwhile project and would definitely do it again”.

Margaret concluded by saying, “Thank you for allowing us to be part of the programme and for the wonderful mentors who came each week to read with the girls”.