Responsible business practices can enhance tenders and funding applications

BITCI News - Feb 08, 2016

Launching the results of the SFA/BITCI Responsible Small Business Survey, Linda Barry, Assistant Director of the Small Firms Association (SFA), said: “Small businesses play a key role in so many aspects of our society. The results of the Responsible Small Business Survey show their commitment to their employees, communities, other businesses and the environment – this is to be welcomed and celebrated.”

Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI), continued “A responsible business is one that supports its employees, connects with its community, enhances its external environment, is accountable in the marketplace and seeks positive social and environmental outcomes, as well as financial. Almost all small businesses surveyed (96%) believe that being a responsible business has the potential to deliver value to their business. This value can take multiple forms but for over six out of every ten small businesses (65%), the main value proposition is enhanced employee engagement. For over half of respondents (54%), being a responsible business can differentiate their company from competitors, and almost 40% believe it can support their business in achieving preferred supplier status.”

While the results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive, Barry emphasised “There is always more that can be done. The wholesale, retail and distribution sector was the least convinced about the value of responsible practices to their businesses. There is also scope for more businesses to engage with their communities through working with charities, community partners and local organisations. Above all, responsible businesses should take every opportunity to convey their responsible practices. Less than four out of ten small businesses communicate their business responsible business practices in sales pitches and even less use this information in tenders and funding applications, at only 13% and 9% respectively. There is huge scope for more businesses to articulate what they do and reap the benefits.”


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