Improve the literacy of Ireland’s young children with our Time to Read programme

BITCI News - Jan 28, 2016

Would your company like to be involved in a fantastic programme designed to improve the literacy of Ireland’s young children whilst engaging your workforce?

Time to Read is a reading programme for children in second class which increases their enjoyment and confidence in reading.Your company can get involved by signing up and we will train 10-12 volunteers who will then go into the school once a week for 10 weeks each and listen to the children reading for an hour.You will also have the opportunity to bring the children on a trip to your workplace and to the local library.

We have been running this programme for 4 years and have 32 great companies involved including ESB, Friends First, Elavon, Lionbridge, Irish Life, Gas Networks Ireland and KPMG among others. We now have an additional 18 opportunities for companies to come on board.

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This programme has incredible impacts on both the children and the adults who take part. This is what volunteers who took part this year have said:

“I just loved every bit of it, fantastic opportunity to engage with children: a real feel good factor. They were amazing kids-so full of life and joy-a lesson for us all”

“As a child and even a young adult I always lacked self-confidence, this programme has helped me to believe in myself and what I can personally achieve”

Listen directly from the business participants and the pupils about the benefits of the programme.

If you are a member and are interested in finding out more please contact your account manager. If you are not a member of the network, please contact Germaine Noonan on 086 816 0448 or to find out more.