DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity Race Equality Hub

BITCI News - Aug 05, 2020

Business in the Community Ireland

BITCI is delighted to support a Race Equality Hub –  an initiative of DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion, in collaboration with the African Scholars Association of Ireland (AfSI). It provides employers in Ireland with a range of practical tools and best practice guidelines to tackle racism and foster more inclusive practices in the workplace. The Hub includes a Race Equality Whitepaper and a number of recommended resources. The Race Equality Toolkit is currently being developed and will be launched in September 2020. To inform the design of the toolkit, DCU has been facilitating a consultation phase with people from different ethnic backgrounds, diverse races and nationalities, currently living and working in Ireland. If you would like to get involved in the Race Equality Forum and share your thoughts and experiences please register your interest here.  The Race Equality Hub is also supported by Ibec and is sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

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