Social Computing

Members News - Apr 21, 2020

Business in the Community Ireland

The website is aimed at helping people who are new to using computers and the internet. The easy to navigate site make it easy to find information and services that may be of interest to them.  Essentially, it is a roadmap and aims to make finding things simple.

The Social Computing for the Community project originally created in 2013 is led by Business in the Community Ireland, bringing together business, NGOs to give value to the community. To date

The goal is to:

  • Increase the usage of this website – targeting those most digitally disadvantaged
  • Within the project there is a specific focus on the needs of older people in this area, with the goal to:
  • Improve quality of life for older people by
  • Increase usability so that more older people use computers, and extend what they use computers for
  • Increase of level of use and confidence
  • Reduce social isolation for older people by
  • enabling older people’s use of social networking
  • facilitate building computer based social networks between individuals and groups

For more information please contact Louise Murray at Business in the Community Ireland at