Repurposing beer sustainably

Members News - Jul 30, 2020

Business in the Community Ireland

Over the past two months our member Heineken Ireland has been collecting and decanting returned beer, treating it in a way that supports a Circular Economy and Minimises Waste.

Last week the company reached the milestone of 100,000 kegs, ensuring each and every one was safely decanted at the Cork Brewery and the kegs are ready for refilling. You might ask where has all the beer gone? All of the product has been sustainably repurposed by Heineken Ireland and their partners, through a combination of measures across agriculture; including fertiliser and animal feed; and in energy production to create Bio-gas. Based on average household consumption, this is sufficient to supply electricity to just over 28,000 houses in 1 day.

Commenting on the project, PJ Tierney Head Brewer said: ‘A laser focus on quality and sustainability has always guided the work at the Lady’s Well Brewery in Cork and now more than ever we are committed to Brewing a Better World and ensure a ‘perfect serve’ experience for our customers and consumers.’

Watch the video below for more information on how the process works.