Irish Cement continues its 15-year partnership with St. Oliver’s Community College

BITCI News - Mar 14, 2024

Group photo of students St. Oliver's Community College

Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) is delighted the 15-year partnership between St Oliver’s Community College in Drogheda and Irish Cement continues to flourish. Their collective participation in BITCI’s World of Work programme now includes participating in a sustainability project, part of a national competition supported by Gas Networks Ireland. This project encourages students to envision a greener future and empowering them to make a positive impact on their environment. 

The World of Work programme engages 2nd year students in School Completion Programme schools partnering them with local businesses to inspire them to reach their full potential by recognising the value of completing their education. Through workshops, including company visits, employee career talks, soft skills training and sustainability insights, students gain valuable insights into the workplace. 

Mr John Halpin, Principal of St Oliver’s Community College said “The World of Work programme has opened many opportunities for our students over the years. Now embedding a dedicated sustainability project within it will help raise awareness about biodiversity and climate among students during their school years. It is so important to nurture and educate this generation as they are the future stewards of the planet”.  

The 24 students from St Oliver’s Community College have visited Irish Cement and supported by employees will now undertake a practical project exploring: “How do I make my world more sustainable?”  They will document their journey from idea development to execution demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.  

Ray Molyneaux, Irish Cement commented “We are delighted to be a long-standing partner in the World of Work programme. This sustainability project is so important to increasing students’ understanding of sustainability and teamwork and what companies are doing in this space. Hopefully, it will inspire other schools and students to join in the mission to build a more sustainable future. 

Kate Horton, BITCI’s Northeast Regional Co-ordinator said “It is very rewarding to see how the World of Work programme strengthens partnerships between schools and businesses over time. Their ongoing commitment to supporting the students is remarkable. I commend both St. Oliver’s and Irish Cement in partnering on this sustainability project to keep the programme current and relevant to the pupils, guaranteeing to improve their understanding and resolve to be proactive in tackling the biodiversity and climate crisis.