ZAGG International’s Impact in 2019

Business in the Community Ireland

ZAGG International’s Community Engagement Policy

ZAGG International is committed to taking steps to give back to our local communities.  To this end, we provide employees with the opportunity to volunteer in their local communities, by allocating 8 paid volunteer hours to all full-time, regular employees.

The ZAGG volunteer program identifies a variety of opportunities for ZAGG employees, either as individual volunteers or in teams, to volunteer in the communities where they live and work. In Ireland, more than 70% of employees volunteer their time at least once a year. From fundraising for local homeless charities to providing career advice to disadvantaged students, the impact of our employee volunteer efforts is felt across our local community.
Wherever possible we primarily support charities that our employees either volunteer directly with or causes that they have nominated as part of a company-wide survey. We provide both product and financial aid to these charities.

ZAGG International’s Impact in 2019

ZAGG International provided €8,365 in cash donations and €5,000 was contributed through in-kind donations. Employees also volunteered 215 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

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