Our Sustainability

Down to Earth - our own corporate social responsibility programme

down to earth logo

Every day we advise top companies in Ireland on the need to embed and communicate on sustainability. Therefore we need to lead by example and showcase what we, as a relatively small organisation, can communicate and report on. We do this through a number of ways:

1: Down to Earth our Sustainability programme

We know from experience that branding CSR and sustainability strategies can help immensely with communicating complex ideas to a number of stakeholders. Therefore all of our own activities are branded under ‘Down to Earth’.

2: Dedicated staff committee

Our Down to Earth staff committee comprises employees from various parts of the organisation. The committee meets every six weeks and is responsible for developing an action plan, raising awareness of sustainability initiatives with staff and preparing our annual sustainability report.

3: Engaging employees

One of our most recent objectives was to engage our staff in the work of our committee so from educating colleagues on bio-diversity to promoting recycling and procuring sustainability, engagement is key to success.

4: Reporting

Every year we commit to producing a sustainability report. We measure across the ‘pillars of CSR’ ie how do we liaise with the community, how do we treat staff, how do we impact on the environment and how do we engage with our customers and suppliers. Each year, we report on key measures but also set out targets for improvement for the following year. Since 2012, we have based our report around the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 4.0 Core In Accordance framework.