Schools’ Business Partnership

The Schools’ Business Partnership is an education inclusion programme that partners schools with business. We support the Government’s goal of improving school retention rates. We are funded by the participating businesses, our lead sponsor Marks & Spencer Ireland and the School Completion Programme.

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College Awareness Week – Spread the word and get involved!

This year marks a very special occasion – the launch of a national campaign called College Awareness Week ( which will be held from November 24-30. The campaign encourages individuals and organisations to spread the word that going to college and having a post-secondary plan is both important and achievable.  The campaign is being endorsed widely by over twenty national agencies, including the Department of Education and Skills, the National

Special Offer for SBP companies – Discounted tickets for the Responsible Business Forum – November 11th, Dublin Castle

The need to rebuild trust and reputation and reinforce transparency and accountability after these challenging times is crucial and values must be placed firmly at the core of every company’s operations. The Responsible Business Forum is Ireland’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) conference and it aims to explore business challenges of the future, hear from companies who have faced significant reputational challenges and what they have learned and explore the new business model

Leadership Excellence for Teachers

We offer teachers the chance to take part in personal development training sessions on topics identified to schools to meet the needs of teachers in a fast changing world. Topics covered include but are not limited to: leadership, managing change, strategic planning, branding and marketing, time mangement etc. These seminars are free of charge to teachers and schools and can be part of Croke Park agreed hours. Sessions are delivered