Workday Employees Share their Love of Reading

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Workday in Dublin 7 have been involved with our Time to Read literacy programme since its pilot in 2012. The software company is currently partnered with Francis Street CBS Primary School, Dublin 8 where Workday volunteers visit each week for the duration of the 20 week programme to read with boys in 2nd class.

We asked one volunteer, Sorcha McGuire, Software Application Engineer for Workday, about her favourite moments from the programme, and the community and personal benefits she has seen from being involved.

Business in the Community Ireland

2nd class children from Francis Street CBS with their Workday volunteers at the workplace visit.


What has been a highlight of taking part in Time to Read for you so far?

“My favourite part of taking part in Time to Read has been getting to know the two boys I’m reading with – they’re very different both in terms of personality and reading level, but they both have made amazing progress in the space of a few months. It’s also lovely to see how happy they are to sit and read with me for half an hour or sometimes to have a little chat, they really appreciate the one-to-one time and it just makes my week.”

Would you recommend the programme to your colleagues?

“I would absolutely recommend the programme to my colleagues, it is a fantastic way to get involved in volunteering and give back to the local community in the area that we work in. It’s not always easy to find the time to do these things, but we’re very lucky that Workday are so supportive and accommodating in allowing us to take two hours out of our week to do this.”

Do you feel you have gained anything from taking part in Time to Read?

“I’ve rediscovered how relaxing it is to lose yourself in a book for half an hour – I feel like it’s so easy to stay switched on when we’re surrounded by screens, whether it’s watching tv or on our phones, or doing both at once which is usually the case with me! But when reading you’re forced to switch off and focus on the book, and it’s something that I’ve consciously made the effort to start doing more.”

What did your workplace visit involve? Any favourite moments?

“The boys came to our office for two hours and had an absolute ball. They were given a short introduction to our company and what we do – my favourite moment was when they were told that our company was started 14 years ago by our two bosses, one of the kids exclaimed, “14 years? Well they can’t be your bosses anymore ‘cause they must be dead!”. They also had lunch in the games room and were let loose on the ping pong tables and the Xbox. They were amazed at the office and one asked could he come back at the weekend!”

Business in the Community Ireland