Volunteer Spotlight On….

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Karl Kemple, Time to Read volunteer with the Gas Networks Ireland and Mother of Divine Grace partnership

Please tell us about your contribution to Time to Read

For the last five years I have been reading with children aged 7 in Mother of Divine Grace primary school. Having previously worked with an older age group, I noticed that the younger group were more open to the process and, in general, are more likely to become lifelong readers. I can only base my observation on my own experience, in which I received a book at the age of 6 and as a result I would describe myself as an avid reader. I think that if the first experience with reading is a positive one it can lead to a lifelong interest.

What has been the impact on Gas Networks Ireland that you can see?

It has a positive effect particularly when the children visit Gas Networks Ireland. There is a great buzz and this creates a feel good factor.

What does it mean to you as an individual? Your favourite Time to Read moment?

I’ve been lucky in education and I like the idea of giving something back to the community. All subjects require students to have good reading skills so I get great satisfaction in helping someone develop these skills. There have been many great moments mainly, from laughing with the kids at funny incidents in the stories.

If you could have one wish for your company and school in the future what would it be?

I think Gas Networks Ireland should continue the programme there is a great benefit in one to one reading. For the future it might be a good idea for the school to invite the children back when they are adults to continue the positive learning cycle.