Time to Count: Having Fun with Numbers

Monday, July 15th, 2019

What is Time to Count?

Time to Count is a wonderful employee engagement opportunity for company volunteers to provide numeracy support to 3rd class children in a local DEIS primary school through the medium of specially chosen numeracy games and activities.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • To build children’s confidence around numbers
  • To foster children’s enjoyment of number
  • To reinforce children’s conceptual  understanding of number
  • To support the development of children’s flexibility & perseverance in maths problem solving

Business in the Community Ireland

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer for the Time to Count Programme, particularly if they enjoy playing games and supporting the development of children’s learning. Six to ten volunteers is the ideal number from a business.

What’s the schedule?

  • The sessions with the children will run for 8 weeks during the school day on a virtual platform, with the teacher present on the call to assist and advise. Volunteers are assigned their group of 3 – 4 children at the start of the programme. They will do math games and activities for 30 minutes.
  • At the start of the programme there will be a training workshop with the BITCI coordinator and a teacher so that volunteers are prepared and confident for the sessions with the children.

Business in the Community Ireland

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • The satisfaction of helping children and having a significant impact in their lives
  • The joy of seeing a young child develop and acquire a love of maths
  • The opportunity to learn new skills or enhance existing ones
  • The experience of a meaningful engagement in their local community
  • Add diversity to their day to day work
  • Meet new people within their organisation

Benefits to company include:

  • High quality employee engagement initiative
  • Contributes to company’s CR & sustainability strategy
  • Raises company’s profile within the local community
  • Builds partnerships with local schools
  • Improves employee’s communication and coaching skills
  • Motivates employees and enhances teamwork


For further details get in touch: adrinan@bitc.ie or 01 874 3809.