Student Scoop on Shell

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Eimear Cowman a student from St. Brendan’s College gives her account:

“My personal experience of our visit to the Bellanaboy Gas Terminal was exceptionally enjoyable.

We were welcomed onto the site and all members of staff were very friendly and accommodating. We were brought into a meeting room and given a presentation about the company. Then we were introduced to different employees who are involved with different aspects of the running of the terminal. They were extremely interesting and it was incredible that we got such an insight into different areas of the workings of the plant.  We got to hear first-hand about a wide variety of occupations within the company; Health and Safety, Civil Engineering, External Affairs and Environmental monitoring to name a few. It was very helpful to meet these people in these jobs and to speak to them and listen to their roles within the company, how they achieved their position and their personal experiences.

As a student I found it enlightening and beneficial. We were then taken on a small tour of the terminal. It was amazing to see not only the infrastructure but to also see the areas of the site where infrastructures had once been have now been returned to their original form, as if nothing had ever been there. This visit was so beneficial.

As a Leaving cert engineering student I found it has definitely given me a better understanding, not only in engineering within a major company, but also a better understanding of the working world. It was an experience I will not forget.”