Student Mentoring – Cornmarket & St. Paul’s CBS, Dublin 7

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Lisa O’Shaughnessy, Teacher, St. Paul’s CBS

Cornmarket & St. Paul's

Who is your school partnered with and for how long?

Partnered with Cornmarket for around 6 years at this stage.

Outline a significant time in your programme that stood out for you.

The partnership started as the ‘Skills at Work’ programme originally in the school and developed into a Student Mentoring programme. The meetings that happen up in Cornmarket with everyone together really stands out and is so nice to see the interactions between both mentors and students.

What does the Student Mentoring programme achieve for your school?

IMG_4734This link means so much to our school and the students involved in the programme. It helps to build student’s confidence and develop their relationship building. It also gives them an experience of a professional work environment.

Tell us in one sentence the best thing about your programme.

The fantastic mentors from Cornmarket that give so much of their time and are genuinely interested in the students they work with.


[Pictured above – Students and volunteers on a recent social outing to Awesome Walls, North Park, Dublin 11.]