Photo Gallery Captions

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

  1. A child from St. Mary’s NS, Dorset St, Dublin 1 finds a quiet corner to read during a Time to Read Library Visit in the Ilac Centre, in Dublin City.
  2. Students from Plunket College, Dublin 9 show they have plenty strings to their bows during their Skills @ Work Wrap up Session with their Veolia volunteers.
  3. Thumbs up and smiles all round! Children of Hold Child NS, Glenbrien pose for a photo with their Time to Read volunteers from ESB in Enniscorty, Co. Wexford.
  4. Guidance Counsellors & Business Teachers from Leinster get inspired at a Management Excellence for Teachers workshop in Accenture.
  5. Blue skies in our Dublin office! We prepare to say goodbye to this view as we plan for our office move in December.