Momentum: A Seasoned Supporter

Dec 21, 2016

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Since 2007 Momentum has really demonstrated their commitment to diversity by being a loyal partner to our Ready for Work programme, offering work and employment opportunities to some of our most marginalised job seekers.

In all 31 clients have done work placements in Momentum stockroom and cleaning roles, and 13 people have taken up employment contracts there. In 2016, 6 people have been kept on. In fact, 8 out of the last 11 Momentum work placements led to an employment contract

Our key contact on the ground has been Ciaran Burke, Stockroom Manager. We have had consistently positive feedback regarding the support provided by Ciaran and his team. The HR team have a very inclusive approach and don’t create barriers because of difficulties someone may have faced in the past; instead they spot potential and try to find a position that will work for the individual.

Momentum really suits a lot of male participants who want hands-on work where they can work on their own initiative. Ciaran has seen many times first hand the difference the work experience can make; “Niall has got his confidence back!”,  he said about one of this year’s participants.

When asked what one client liked about his placement there his answer was simple: I got offered a job!

Mary Patterson, Operations Director takes a proactive role in recruiting from our pool of motivated jobseekers:

“Liam interviewed very well.  He came across as mature, eager to work and is very pleasant.  He started working with us on Saturday, working approx. 39 hours per week.  I am already getting good reports about him.  Thank you”

Thank you to Momentum for your continued support.

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