Donegal Teachers Gain Valuable Insight into Abbott Ireland

Friday, February 7th, 2020

The STEM ‘Seeing is Believing’ (STEM SIB) workshops are hosted by various companies across Ireland with the aim of increasing local teachers’ knowledge of industry sectors and job roles. Teachers get an insight into what will be required of future hires and see first-hand how science skills are being used in practical settings.

The first STEM SIB workshop of 2020 was hosted by Abbott Ireland, Lurganboy, Co. Donegal on January 14th. 11 local teachers attended who received an overview of Abbott Ireland from Site Director, Adrian McMorrow, a profile of their employees and recruitment policies, career overviews from several employees and a tour of the facility.

Business in the Community Ireland

Donegal STEM Teachers and Career Guidance Counsellors with Abbott Ireland staff and BITCI Coordinator Fania Ellison


Paul Martin, Business HR Manager for Abbott Ireland was delighted to connect with local education leaders: “Understanding the needs of the educational community around us, and allowing that community to see the range of career opportunities in our organisation has been very useful and it points us in a positive and shared direction. We look forward to strengthening our links throughout the year.”

100% of attendees agreed the workshop was beneficial to their roles as Science/STEM Teachers and Career Guidance Counsellors. The key messages they wanted to bring back to their students were that there are exciting job opportunities available in Donegal, there is demand for workers at all levels, upskilling opportunities exist within companies and that there is a greater variety of roles available within companies than students may think.

Feedback from attendees;

I am a Guidance Counsellor and the exposure to this company and the opportunities it offers has been hugely beneficial.”

Highlights what exactly is available in our own county. Hearing about the career paths of employees is very beneficial. Demonstrates the skill set that Abbott requires. The tour was very beneficial – we got to physically see what Abbott produce, and the process.”

When asked what was the most valuable thing they learned from the day:

What Abbott manufacture & the range of job descriptions/career paths within it.”

The diversity of options available within the company.”

“Abbott will take school leavers and develop potential if they see it.”

“Different entry routes.”