Doing Good, While Doing Good

Friday, December 4th, 2015

LIT & St. Nessan's 1 For the social event for the mentoring programme between Limerick IT and St. Nessan’s Community College (now in its 3rd year and gathering momentum each time!) we looked around at world events and what was happening in Limerick. It turned out that the Savoy Hotel in Limerick was doing an evening fundraiser for the relief effort in Nepal which had been rocked by earthquakes.

The programme coordinator for LIT, Mike Winterburn, had actually been in Nepal at Easter time and was able to fill us in on the beauty of the nation and the difficulties that there were now in.  That settled it and we had the most fabulous evening eating Nepalese foods, listening to Nepalese music and seeing photographs of the country, all while the mentors and mentees were able to have a chat.  The students were hardly recognisable out of their uniforms and we had great fun!  We allmade a contribution to the fund and remarked on how generous it was of the local suppliers to give the food free of charge to the hotel and for the hotel to cook and host the event as their contribution.  In a previous programme, we had been bowling as the social event, but all the mentors agreed that doing good, while doing good was a much more rewarding experience.

By Eleanor Walsh, Assistant Manager, Schools’ Business Partnership

LIT & St. Nessan's 2