Boliden Tara Mine & Beaufort College Skills @ Work partnership

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Business in the Community Ireland Mary Cassidy, Senior HR Officer, Boliden Tara Mines and Beaufort College student


Katie Burke, Senior HR Officer, Boliden Tara Mines


Outline a significant time in your programme? One of the most memorable parts of the Skills @ Work programme for us is the Mock Interview session that we run in Beaufort College. It is a great opportunity for the students to show us what they have learned over the interview skills workshops. It gives them interview experience to take with them and increases their confidence levels. The final Wrap Up session is also particularly memorable as the students really engage and prepare for this. It is great to see them take on advice and put it into practice.

What is the biggest achievement of the programme? The programme provides our staff with the opportunity to have a positive social impact on a young person’s education and personal development. It also strengthens the relationship between Tara Mines and the community. At a time where most companies are concerned about future talent, this programme helps to share and transfer knowledge, giving students an insight into the mining industry and advising them about career options open to them.  Both staff and students enjoy the Day in the Life session hosted on site. 100% of the students relayed that they would recommend the programme to a friend stating, “It is useful in school and outside of it. It is also something different from normal school-work which is a very nice change”. For the school it provides an opportunity to deliver high quality vocational learning into traditional leaving certificate programmes, especially for students following programmes without LCVP or work experience built in.

What is the best thing about your programme:

It is a positive learning experience for the student, the company and the school, whilst being engaging and fun.

Business in the Community Ireland

Katie Burke, Senior HR Officer, Boliden Tara Mine with Beaufort College students