60 seconds with…Kevin Breslin, Boots Limerick

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Eleanor Walsh, BITC Ireland, sat down with Donegal born, Kevin Breslin, at the busy Boots store on William Street, Limerick. In this rugby crazed city, you could kick a rugby ball from the store to Boots’ partnering all-girls school, Coláiste Nano Nagle.


  • What is your favourite part of the programme?sdr

Doing the mock interviews, without a doubt.  You see the whole programme coming together and get to see how confident the students have become and what they have learned over the previous sessions.

  • How long have you been involved?

It’s my second year being involved.

  • Which part of the programme is the most fun for you?

Preparing the sessions with the team is a lot of fun. The whole team gets involved and it’s a great team effort that makes the programme so good.  I also enjoy having the students come and visit, that’s always a fun day too!

  • What is the biggest challenge?

Making sure that we are prepared enough for the sessions and carving that time out beforehand while running a busy business but I have a good support network in the store, to make sure everything gets done.

  • If I could tell all the volunteers in the programme one thing what would it be…

That they are the best ever to work with!  And that they will get as much out of it as the students will, whether it’s building confidence or feeling that you are being of benefit outside of the normal support structures for the students. Of course, I’d tell all the students to stay in school!

  • My hope for the future of the programme is…

That it continues.  It would be great to see this programme in more schools, as I would certainly have benefited from it when I was that age.

  • Just for fun! Who is your hero and why?

My parents…both of them…I can’t pick just one! I’ve learned a lot from them. Since I’m older now and realising what they had to sacrifice and put up with, to make sure their kids got the best start in life and living away from home as I do, you appreciate them even more.