5 reasons to become a BITCI member

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

As Ireland’s leading sustainability and CSR advisers we support some of Ireland’s largest businesses on embedding sustainability in their business practices and creating a diverse and inclusive society where everyone thrives.

Here are five ways in which joining BITCI as a member can help your company make meaningful and measurable progress on sustainability and CSR.

1. Our expertise

Our team of experts can help you integrate sustainable practices into your business and make tackling climate change and social inequalities less daunting and more achievable. Our holistic approach and frameworks will help you plan and measure every step of the way, whether your targets are related to nature preservation and biodiversity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace or reducing your carbon footprint. Our CSR and sustainability advisers have helped some of Ireland’s leading businesses make meaningful progress on incorporating sustainability in their operations, from the supply chain to employee wellbeing.

2. Our tools and resources

The Low Carbon Pledge and Elevate Pledge provide yearly, measurable data on sustainability and diversity and inclusion, helping companies measure their progress and identify areas of improvement. We believe that measurement, transparency and accountability are key to any real progress on sustainability and diversity and inclusion and, through the two pledges, we provide our signatories with the advice and tools they need to measure, report and review their progress every year.

In addition to our pledges, we also provide tools and guidance for companies who want to target specific areas of sustainability and CSR, like our guidance tool on mitigating the risk of modern slavery or the Business and Biodiversity Framework. Our team of experts are constantly up to date with the latest developments on sustainability and CSR and provide accessible material that keeps our members ahead of the curve.

3. Our knowledge-sharing platforms

One of our core beliefs is that collaboration is key to any real progress on CSR and sustainability. Our members get exclusive access to knowledge sessions and  peer circles as well as member-exclusive resources created by our sustainability advisers on the most recent developments of CSR and sustainability.

The knowledge sharing sessions and peer circles  are key to our members’ progress, giving them an opportunity to share their progress and challenges and hold each other accountable. We believe that real change can’t happen in isolation and businesses need to share ideas, initiatives and feedback to overcome challenges and celebrate progress. These platforms are extremely valuable in creating real, manageable and measurable steps for companies as they move towards a more sustainable business or towards creating an inclusive workplace.


4. Our employment and education programmes

Through education programmes like Time to Read and Time to Count and employment programmes like EPIC, Women@Work and our newest Traveller Employment Programme, our members have the chance to engage with local communities in a meaningful way and contribute to diversity and inclusion from the earlier stages of education. Our programmes have contributed to a positive development of our members’ work culture, made a real difference in tackling inequality in education and employment and have brought great satisfaction to participants and businesses alike.

5. Our recognised standard for sustainability and CSR

The Business Working Responsibly Mark is Ireland’s leading standard for CSR and sustainability. The Mark provides a strategic framework of management and assessment for busineses who are integrating sustainability goals in their practices. The Mark is verified by NSAI and informed by our over 20 years of experience. Companies who achieve the mark go through a rigorous audit – the Mark fosters excellence and drives continous improvement EESGs. Like our pledges and frameworks, it signifies a strong commitment to social and environmental improvement at a business level.

To learn more about our resources and how to become a members contact, Lorraine O’Toole at lotoole@bitc.ie