The Process

Business in the Community Ireland

The Business Working Responsibly Mark Certification follows a three-stage process.

Business in the Community Ireland

Stage 1 Initial Assessment 

The first stage is an Initial Assessment where materiality is agreed and gaps or potential non-conformities are identified in the management systems underpinning all topics (particularly those which are deemed highly material).

Gaps are identified through interviews with your key organisational personnel and evidence review of documents which underpin the topic’s management system. There is a single management system which underpins the entire structure (Governance), which is then supported by topical management systems providing more detailed guidance to the specific Mark indicators.

During the Initial Assessment, the entire series of management systems is thoroughly reviewed.

Stage 2 Pre-Audit Review

Business in the Community IrelandThe second stage is a Pre-Audit Review (Mock Audit) where your organisation has an opportunity to provide additional evidence to demonstrate conformity. This may be evidence that was developed following the Initial Assessment process or it might be evidence that was already in place but not shown during the Initial Assessment process. The Mock Audit follows the same structure as the Certification Audit (overall management system audit, process audits, and employee interviews) but in a compressed duration compared to the Certification Audit. The Mock Audit may identify additional nonconformities that should be addressed before the Certification Audit.

Stage 3 Certification Audit

The third and final stage of the certification process is the Certification Audit. Like the Mock Audit, the Certification Audit is an opportunity to assess management system conformity. The Certification Audit is conducted by the NSAI on behalf of the certifying body, Business in the Community Ireland. The audit can be anywhere from 2 days to 5 or more depending upon the scope and complexity of the organisation being audited. The audit will identify strengths, weaknesses, and nonconformities. Nonconformities are classified as either Major or Minor. Major nonconformities are systemic failures in the management system which threaten an organisation’s ability to achieve its CSR and Sustainability goals. They represent a barrier to certification and must be closed (and verified by the NSAI) prior to certification being granted. Once certification is granted, it is valid for three years subject to the terms of the Mark Membership Agreement.

Download the full information on the process including information on materiality criteria. 

Want to Know More?

If your organisation would like to become one of our certified companies or you simply want to find out more, please contact your Advisor (for members). If you are not a member, please contact our Membership Executive Trish McNamara 0861526559