The Mark evolution

A short background on Ireland’s leading sustainability certification

Business in the Community Ireland

The first version of the Business Working Responsibly Mark sustainability certification was launched ten years ago.

At BITCI, we saw the need for a third party verified standard to be offered to companies that wanted to objectively demonstrate their management systems were aligned with best practice in sustainable and responsible business.

The first certified companies saw in the certification process an opportunity to differentiate from competitors, stand-out from other sites in multinational global contexts and communicate in a different way about the excellence of their practices.

Fast forward to now, sustainability is a top concern for any business.

Society, regulators, investors, customers and employees demand transparency, accountability, high standards and evidence that businesses are being managed in a responsible way.

Equally, the climate emergency and the growing inequality in our society, exposed bare by the pandemic, are shining a light on business. Sustainability is more than competitive differentiation. Sustainability is an opportunity to futureproof the business model and to design and launch products and services for a growing market that demands sustainability credentials.

Sustainability is an evolving journey and through its first decade, the Business Working Responsibly Mark has reflected its changing landscape. Through multi-stakeholder consultation, we have continued to evolve the contents of the Mark and designed a certification process that is effective and can be embedded into the management systems of businesses.

In 2022 we are now delighted to launch Version 5 of the Business Working Responsibly Mark as the fundamental standard that will allow businesses to develop a credible, meaningful roadmap to sustainability. This new version of the standard, focuses on a strong foundation on governance and incorporates new and vital dimensions of economic impact.

The planet, society, employees, customers, investors are expecting more businesses to be part of a change towards a low carbon and inclusive future for all. We look forward to continuing to build the next generation of responsible and sustainable business.

Due to demand, the Mark is currently available to BITCI members only and we are exploring making it available to other companies in 2022/2023.

If you are member of BITCI, please get in touch with your Adviser to find out more.

    If you are not a member please contact our Membership Executive Lorraine O'Toole